Tree Inspections & Consultations

tree inspectionPlant Health Solutions recommends an annual tree inspection for all of our customers at no cost. When an arborist from PHS visits a property, they are looking for the following issues when evaluating each tree:

  • Soil / mulch level against trunk of tree (Is the root flare covered?)
  • Girdling roots¬†
  • Soil compaction & drainage around base of tree
  • Foliage - wilting, spotted, sparse, irregular size or shape, signs of feeding insects
  • Trunk and branches - signs of weeping wounds or insect boring activity
  • Mushrooms & fungus around the roots, on the main trunk, or on limbs that indicate¬†decay
  • Cracks, splits, cavities that could be a weak spot
  • Dead branches, especially 2" and greater that could be hazardous if they fall
  • Weak angle crotches and branching structure - possible splitting that needs support
  • Density of the canopy - wind, snow & ice need to be able to pass through the canopy
  • Nearby "targets" if the tree fails - houses, vehicle and pedestrian areas, utility wires, etc.

After proper analysis of each tree's health & structural condition, the Plant Health Solutions arborist can provide recommendations to improve or prolong it's life. Our ultimate goal is to preserve trees whenever possible, in the most ecologically responsible manner.

In situations where a tree or trees are hazardous and cannot be made safe, we would suggest removal. PHS can recommend an appropriate, qualified tree service to work with the customer to provide their tree pruning or removal needs.