Tick Suppression Measures

tickPlant Health Solutions recognizes that deer are not only causing a great deal of destruction to southeastern Pennsylvania properties, but they are also spreading Lyme disease.

Thousands of Pennsylvania residents are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year, and many more go undiagnosed. With up to 3,000 deer tick larva born in any one nest, the need for tick control has become an overwhelming problem for many Bucks & Montgomery homeowners.

damminix tick tubesPlant Health Solutions installs Damminix Tick Tubes® to successfully protect against the Lyme disease carrying deer ticks that deer transport onto your property. Little known, however, is that deer ticks actually contract Lyme disease from mice, not deer. These tick tubes deliver an environmentally-safe deer tick controlling insecticide directly to the host animal and the tick it infects.

Damminix Tick Tubes® are made of biodegradable, cardboard tubes filled with permethrin-treated cotton balls. Mice collect the treated cotton balls and use them to line their nests. Deer ticks that feed on these mice throughout spring and fall are exposed to permethrin and killed. Permethrin does not hurt the mice, other mammals or birds on your property, but is highly toxic to the deer ticks. This method of tick control kills more ticks with far less chemical than any other commercial treatment. This is by far the safest option for both your family and the environment.

Plant Health Solutions is able to install this environmentally-friendly, easy-to-use and targeted solution to kill deer ticks on your property in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. This method of tick control has proven results showing a 90-percent reduction of exposure to a deer tick that carries Lyme disease.

Our certified applicators at Plant Health Solutions can also apply granular or organic spray treatments to lawn, bed and patio areas for additional control of ticks and other insects.