Plant Tissue Sampling, Analysis & Diagnostics

plant diagnostics2In some cases, Plant Health Solutions recommends lab testing of plant tissue for proper diagnosis of diseases and pests. Some bacterial-based diseases and insect infestations are easily diagnosed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions, but others are not. For instance, Nymph and adult spittlebugs, treehoppers, and leafhoppers are known to carry Xylella and many other pathogens plant to plant. Once the bacteria are picked up, they are quickly transmittable. 

plant diagnostics1Our certified arborists at Plant Health Solutions will visit your property to analyze and diagnose your tree and shrub issues. When necessary, we will collect and send tissue samples to the appropriate testing facility. Based on the diagnosis, PHS will formulate a plan for treatment if the disease or pest infestation is still in a manageable stage. If it is too late, or cost prohibitive, to save the tree, we can refer a quality tree service in your area for the removal.