Insect & Disease Management

fertilization3Plant Health Solutions implements an integrated pest management approach, which begins with creating and maintaining a healthy plant environment for our customers. Trees and shrubs are much more vulnerable to disease and insect attack when stressed. Many factors can lead to stress, such as too much or too little water, extremes in temperature and construction. One of our certified arborists will visit your property to evaluate the existing state of the plant materials as well as their growing conditions, including soil and possible drainage issues and the condition of root flares.

It is helpful if the customer has Plant Health Solutions periodically inspect their property, looking for issues in plant materials before they reach advanced stages. When choosing treatment methods, we consider many factors such as size and species of host material, possible bloom times, time of year and proximity to water. When possible, soaps and organic based oils will be used, which have less of an effect on beneficial insects and bees. When chemicals are required, non-spray systemic options are preferred over foliar sprays. At Plant Health Solutions, we are committed to advanced tree care, while protecting the environment, customers and pets, as well as our own certified applicators.

Peter Benz and his crew have maintained our numerous plants and trees successfully for a number of years. I had not heard much of anything about the horrendous desecration of the trees in Michigan from the Emerald Ash Borer until Pete mentioned that they were 'on the march' and headed right in our direction. Well, his treatments have saved not one, but all of the ash trees (I think there were more than 40 in all) that otherwise would have fallen prey to this terrible pest.

The pines and spruces have also been properly treated, fertilized and are healthy as can be...and then there are the oak trees that require antibiotics, no different than a human, and they, too, are thriving and doing just fine while others in the neighborhood left untreated have become firewood. Having a property that falls under Pennsylvania's Act 319 almost compels a homeowner to maintain one's wooded areas and trees as a conscientious and responsible individual.

Under Pete's professional guidance and care, I have no doubt that my land will properly remain intact so that future generations will benefit from his wise and prescient advice and accomplishments.

-Harvey K. (Carversville, Bucks County)